Avoid the Comparison Trap: Live Your Authentic Self


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“Comparison is the thief of joy,” President Theodore Roosevelt once stated. Comparing yourself to others is a bold misconception fueled by envious evaluation often leading to feelings of doubt and discouragement.

Focusing on others' success and possessions extracts the joy in our personal lives and weighs our eyesight down towards what we lack. Our attention becomes anchored below the healthy self-confidence and enrichment.

How can you live an authentic life with joy?

First, understand what toxic comparison exactly is when healthy comparison helps us make informed decisions. Toxic comparison occurs when one’s ability to think they are not good enough when comparing themselves to others is internalized.  

Examples of toxic comparisons include:

  • Comparing your inner self with someone’s external appearance.
  • Feeling “less than” someone else or unworthy.
  • Comparing your current state of “right now” to others “best ever.”
  • Doubting the effort of even trying to do your best.

We need to remember that the dreams, pursuits, and ambitions of others do not rob us from our own happiness, nor what we necessarily want for our own lives.

A few ways to prevent toxic comparison include:

  • Thinking Abundantly: Look at the bigger picture. “There is enough to go around the room for everyone.”
  • Switch your inner thoughts. “Self-assurance.”
  • Let unhelpful thoughts move along. Avoids you going down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts.

More than anything, make yourself proud! When we let perspective overcome the comparison trap, we can live a joyful life on our own life journey. Living true to yourself regardless of how you compare with others will provide the greatest joy.

How have you overcome toxic comparisons in the past?

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