Change Your Form To Continue Achieving Your Goals


Mamba Mentality

As humans, we experience change throughout the year, each season and all our days ahead filled with our loved ones, careers, and hobbies.

How do you deal with change? Do you find yourself ready to make the transformation and spearhead forward, or more hesitant and cautious? Possibly somewhere in between as well.

The late Kobe Bryant, father, husband, the Black Mamba and legendary professional basketball player who won championship after championship - stated after injuring his right index finger:

“ I had to change my shooting form…Days flooded with mental and physical work. I had to mentally download the software that was the new form, and then drill it in.”

We are constantly adapting and pushing through the mental and physical obstacles and opportunities we face every day. When Kobe Bryant injured his finger, it wasn’t game over - he had to adapt and transform himself to account for his injury, to get his shooting form back to what it was, if not better.

Changing your form may not be what you want to do but what you have to do to move forward.

Examples of switching your form include:

Growing your family: You are now providing, caring, and loving more members in your household.

Moving: From city to state or country - your daily life will look and feel different with what you are surrounded by and how it makes you feel.

Working remotely: Whether you have once been all in person, hybrid or fully remote you are switching to a new work lifestyle that can change your entire career opportunities.

Pandemic: Staying inside, staying away from others and the uncertainty of the world.

Allow yourself to grow and change your form. When faced with challenges, work on yourself mentally and physically to support your new found form. Your new form will not be made overnight but you will make progress to get one step closer to achieving your desires.

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