2024 Amazon Fee Changes


AO2 Insider

Jessica Wright
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2 min

With the new year's arrival, Amazon announced changes to its seller fees effective January 1st, 2024 and continuing throughout the year. The e-commerce giant unveiled adjustments to referral and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees, Multi-channel fulfillment, Buy with Prime, and more. These changes will undoubtedly impact the costs (and profit margins) associated with selling products on the ever-evolving marketplace. The 2024 fee updates reflect the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape and Amazon's drive towards more sustainable and cost-effective business practices. As detailed in the official announcement on Amazon's Selling Partners portal, Dharmesh Mehta, Vice President, Worldwide Selling Partner Services, states, "We regularly assess our fee structure to ensure it reflects the cost of providing services and to invest in new ways to help sellers grow." Whether you're a seasoned seller or new to the platform, knowing these changes is imperative for your success on the dynamic marketplace. Check out our handy fee change graphic below to see what these updates entail!