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Our second installment of Amazon Accelerate 2023’s highlights picks up where we left off to give you a comprehensive overview of the innovative tools and features unveiled this year. 

Today's portion covers advancements like Fit Insights, Veeqo Credits, enhanced Seller Protections, and the new Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard. Exciting improvements in Customer Sentiment Insights and Search Analytics are also covered. This event fully reaffirmed Amazon's unwavering dedication to empowering sellers for maximal growth and impact and we are so excited to tell you more about it. Let's dive in!

Fit Insights

  • Fit Insights helps brands to better understand the size and fit of their apparel and shoe products, improve their product offering, and reduce returns. 
  • Fit Insights uses machine learning, including large language models, to analyze returns data, size charts, and customer feedback on fit, fabric, and style to recommend updates to a brand’s size chart and product listings. 
  • Fit Insights will be available to US apparel and shoe brands and their authorized resellers starting this October.

Get up to 5% back with Veeqo Credits

  • The new Veeqo Credits program gives Sellers up to 5% back on eligible shipments, helping you save!  Launched at Accelerate 2022, Veeqo is free software that allows you to make multi-channel shipments.
  • Veeqo now offers the lowest commercially available rates, based on our pre-negotiated pricing from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL, and up to 5% back with Veeqo Credit.
  • It was also announced that Sellers can purchase the Veeqo Scanner – the same technology used in Amazon fulfillment centers – without the enterprise-level price tag. The software integrates with Veeqo’s inventory and warehouse management workflows to make order picking faster and more accurate.

To find out more about Veeqo Credits and Scanner, read the announcement or go to Veeqo.

Seller Protections:

  • Amazon addresses fraud and false “item not delivered” claims by suggesting “signature on delivery” for FBM orders to potential abusive buyers.
  • Sellers can add item condition information, saving money on refunds by avoiding or reversing refunds given for products returned in unsellable condition or not returned at all.
  • Automated review suppression fights abusive accounts in real time.

These updates level the playing field and enhance the seller experience.

🔥HOT TIP - A 100% restocking fee can now be applied for select return abuses!


  • Customer Loyalty dashboard is a new dashboard rolling out to help Sellers reduce customer acquisition costs, target high-value customers, and customize reach out audience and frequency with tailored audiences and brand-tailored promos including new audiences:
  • Promising 
  • At risk
  • Top tier

Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard

  • The new Customer Loyalty Analytics Dashboard provides an easy-to-view snapshot of customer behavior and historical trends. Analyze purchase patterns and tailor your products, discounts, and communications to the right shoppers, so you can make the most of your marketing efforts and increase your overall customer lifetime value.
  • Customer Loyalty Analytics is coming soon to registered brands in the US.

Read the announcement to learn more.

Customer Sentiment Insights

  • With the newly improved Customer Sentiment Insights tool, you’ll be able to access comprehensive analytics on customer preferences with the click of a button. New feature enhancements will provide more information on customer sentiment, not only from reviews but also from customer returns. 
  • Analyze trend changes over time and benchmark customer sentiment for all ASINs against top-performing sellers in a category, so you can understand customer needs and strengthen your brand positioning. 
  • These insights will be available later this year in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, with Japan soon to follow.

Read the announcement, or go to Review Insights for more information.

Search Analytics 

  • Keyword suggestions will soon surface directly in the Product Opportunities dashboard; select keywords will automatically populate in ad campaign builder!

Coupons, Deals and promos

  • Ability to manage deals, coupons, and promos coming soon to the Seller app
  • Coupons available now in select markets, Others coming soon

Accelerate wrapped up with sustainability initiatives and purpose-driven businesses

to help you minimize packaging waste by shipping your products with less packaging, help your customers discover your more sustainable products with certifications, and measure sustainability efforts.

Ships in Product Packaging announced

  • Launching in 2024 to all sellers using FBA, this program involves working with Amazon to redesign your packaging so that your products can ship in their own branded product packaging without any additional Amazon packaging. 
  • The program can reduce expenses with lower FBA fees, cost-effective packaging, and reduced transportation costs due to more compact products. More details to come!

New Climate Pledge Friendly certifications

There are now three new certifications to qualify for a Climate Pledge Friendly badge:

  1. SCS Recycled Content Standard, a third-party certification recognizing electronics with high utilization of recycled content;
  2. International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus, a third-party certification that recognizes bio-based materials and proof that a product can be renewed or regenerated rather than disposed of;
  3. Plant-Based Fiber Blended, an Amazon developed certification recognizing more sustainable plant-based materials in textiles.

For more information on the Climate Pledge Friendly program, including a list of all certifications, go to Enroll products in our Climate Pledge Friendly program.

Sustainability Solutions Hub coming soon

Amazon’s new one-stop-shop for sustainability. Here, you’ll find out how to enroll in the Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon Renewed, and Ships in Product Packaging programs. 

  • In the sustainability dashboards, you’ll be able to view performance metrics for products enrolled in Climate Pledge Friendly and Ships in Product Packaging, and find suggestions on products to enroll next, with the expected business impacts. 
  • Use the Certification Recommendation tool to identify relevant Climate Pledge Friendly certifications, and go to the new sustainability category in the Service Provider Network for service providers who can help you enroll in the company’s product and packaging sustainability programs. 
  • The Hub will be available by the end of October.

For more information on these sustainability initiatives, read the announcement.

Amazon honors purpose-driven businesses

Gifts Fulfilled, Hustle Clean and Nyssa are three inspiring small businesses that employ individuals in underserved communities, provide self-care and hygiene to those in need, and improve women’s health and health education. During Accelerate, Amazon surprised each of them with a $50,000 grant to help them drive even more positive change, highlighting their commitment to improving local seller communities.

Buy with Prime

The Buy with Prime team has been busy working on tons of enhancements to their program and had lots of big announcements, with teasers for more to come in 2023! The biggest of these announcements was that the BwP app for Shopify is now live! Sellers using the Shopify platform no longer have to face nasty-grams from Shopify about their account status if they choose to integrate with Amazon. Shopify even joined Amazon on the stage for this announcement making clear there is no longer any bad blood between these 2 retail giants. 

Other big news from the BwP team included:

  • Amazon customer reviews can now be shared on a brand’s own website with the Buy with Prime integration, giving buyers even more reasons to buy from you. 
  • Shoppers can now create a cart on your website, a huge improvement from the previous requirement of needing to purchase each item individually in order to check out using BwP. Data is still new, but early number indicates a 15% increase in units per order after this update! 
  • Buy with Prime Assist will provide 24/7 customer support, managed by Amazon, for owned website orders at no added cost to the Seller. 

Want to know more? You can read Amazon latest BwP news here

Overall Impression:

Wrapping up reflections on the recent Amazon Accelerate Conference, it's clear that this event was a watershed moment for the retailer, especially with substantial expansions in global shipping and the groundbreaking Gen-AI listing management option. While it may be a journey for sellers to completely assimilate to and leverage these new offerings, the eventual returns are compelling: enhanced operational efficiency and a potential uptick in sales. Amazon's unwavering commitment to innovation and its proactive approach to addressing seller challenges was in full display the entire conference, signaling promising times ahead for the expansive online seller community.