An Overview of the Amazon Premium Beauty Program


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An Overview of the Amazon Premium Beauty Program
Jessica Wright
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The Amazon Premium Beauty Program is an exclusive initiative accessible by invitation only. However, as an agency partner, we have the privilege of submitting applications for consideration directly! The brand would still need to meet the program requirements to be considered for enrollment.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the Amazon Premium Beauty Program, brands must meet certain criteria:

  1. Product Verification: Brands must verify that their products are currently available either in specialty retail stores or in spas/clinics, ensuring that they meet the program's standards of quality and exclusivity. (Examples include Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s)
  2. Category Distribution: At least 50% of the products listed in the brand's Seller Central account must belong to the beauty category, demonstrating a substantial commitment to beauty-related offerings.
  3. New Product Launches: Brands are encouraged to launch 30% incremental new products over their existing product line within the 90 days prior to enrolling in the program or during their first year of participation. This emphasis on innovation and product expansion reflects Amazon's dedication to offering customers a diverse and dynamic selection of premium beauty products.
  4. Agreement to Additional Selling Commission: Participating brands must agree to an additional 15% selling commission, which is applied on top of any other selling fees already applicable to the products. This commitment demonstrates the brand's willingness to invest in the program and aligns with Amazon's goal of providing exceptional value to customers through the Premium Beauty Program.

By fulfilling these requirements, brands can demonstrate their suitability for the Amazon Premium Beauty Program and maximize their opportunities for success within this exclusive initiative.

Introduction to Program Benefits:

The Amazon Premium Beauty Program offers a myriad of exclusive benefits designed to elevate participating brands to new heights of success in the competitive beauty marketplace. From enhanced marketing opportunities and specialized customer engagement features to dedicated account management and robust brand protection measures, this program provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to drive visibility, sales, and brand loyalty. By leveraging these unique advantages, brands can not only maximize their presence on the Amazon platform but also cultivate deeper connections with customers and establish themselves as leaders in the premium beauty industry.

  1. Dedicated Landing Page for Shoppers: The Amazon Premium Beauty Program offers participating brands the advantage of a dedicated landing page tailored specifically to showcase their products. This personalized space provides a curated environment where shoppers can explore only premium beauty products, zero in on only the brands they love, be engaged by Amazon Live shopping streams, and view exclusive promotions. By providing a seamless and immersive shopping experience, the dedicated landing page enhances brand visibility, fosters consumer trust, and ultimately drives conversion rates. This unique feature not only sets participating brands apart from competitors but also serves as a powerful tool for capturing the attention and loyalty of discerning beauty enthusiasts on the Amazon platform.
  1. Inclusion in Skincare Quiz: The program offers inclusion in a specialized skincare quiz for skincare brands. This interactive feature recommends specific Premium Beauty products to users based on their answers, leveraging Amazon's extensive customer data and algorithms.
  2. Enhanced Marketing Opportunities: Participants in the program gain access to enhanced marketing opportunities, including potential inclusion in Amazon direct emails and campaigns. This heightened exposure can significantly boost brand visibility and drive sales.
  1. Search Complete Feature: The Search Complete feature directs shoppers searching for brand products to the brand's store directly, bypassing generic search results. This ensures a more streamlined shopping experience for customers and increases brand discoverability.
  2. Dedicated Account Manager: Participants receive the support of a dedicated account manager for the duration of the calendar year. This personalized assistance ensures prompt responses to queries, strategic guidance, and proactive management of the brand's presence on Amazon.
  3. Enhanced Brand Protection: The program offers enhanced brand protection measures, including brand gating, which restricts unauthorized sellers from listing and selling the brand's products on the Amazon marketplace. This helps maintain brand integrity and minimizes the risk of counterfeit products.
  4. Product Detail Page (PDP) Enhancements: Premium Beauty brands benefit from various PDP enhancements, such as "complete the regime" bundles, enhanced emphasized descriptions, and exclusive A+ content opportunities. These features enrich the customer browsing experience, encourage add-on purchases, and highlight the products' unique value propositions.

By participating in the Amazon Premium Beauty Program, brands can unlock a host of exclusive benefits designed to elevate their presence, drive sales, and safeguard their brand reputation on one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms. The program does come at a cost, so ultimately it’s up to each brand to decide if the benefits outweigh the fees, especially as compared with the goals for the brand and costs to pursue avenues outside of the Amazon platform. Interested in the program but haven’t received an invite? Reach out to our team and we can get you set up for success!