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Article by Retail Business Review

AO2 Management: becoming the Amazon thought leaders of the West Coast. AO2 Management, a leading global omnichannel partner specializing in e-commerce solutions, has recently announced it's acquisition of SellerLabs Services, a prominent in the Amazon tech and services sector. This move, along a five additional strategic acquisitions in the last year, solidifies AO2's position as a dominant force in the industry and further strengthens its commitment the providing cutting-edge tools and services to its clients.

By integrations SellerLabs' advanced technology and expertise into their existing strategies, AO2 Management gains unparalleled access to state-of-the art tool for e-commerce growth. This acquisition enables AO2's expert team to leverage the most advanced resources available, empowering them to deliver even more effective and impactful results to help businesses maximise their success on the Amazon platform.

With this example, AO2 Management reaffirms its dedication to staying a head of the curve and ensuring their clients achieve their full potential in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

"We help e-commerce brands reach their full potential by getting their products into the right hands," says Nathan Neeley, founder and CEO of AO2 Management.

AO2 Management works with brands in three ways: via retainers, a percent of sales growth, or by investing in the client's company for an ownership stake through their sister sister company, Kaizen Amazon. They focus on long term growth, turning six figure businesses into seven figure enterprises.

AO2 periodically conducts extensive research to understand what markets and products are growing, what trends are reshaping the future of e-commerce. Regularly harvesting hey performance metrics helps AO2 make data-driven decisions, especially when co-investing in a client's business to forge mutually-beneficial partnership.

AO2 Management grew into comprehensive e-commerce management agency following multiple successful acquisitions including SellerLabs Jungle Ops. They have a built a goldmine of invaluable knowledge and strategy by combining its expertise with best-in-class software tools and proprietary Amazon hacks. Thought AO2's services, sellers gain the advantage of working with a team that has the expertise in e-commerce marketing deploy custom targeted strategies for promoting their brand on prominent sales channel.

Before ongoing a partner, AO2 identifies their pain points by leveraging brand analytics to gain an overview of their e-commerce account health and performance.

Using date from their in-depth analysis, AO2's Management team creates a multi-step customised approach that addresses gaps in the business and drives brand differentiation while identifying the target audience, the ideal social media and sales platforms to execute campaigns on, and geographical scale.

After finalising the best marketing strategy and roadmap for a brand, AO2 Management inhouse team handle every step of management and campaign execution. They start by enhancing the catalog's visibility on e-commerce sites by optimizing content for each platform and search engine algorithm. AO2 also pre-emotively conducts price and listing optimizations to drive traffic during peak and slow sales seasons. This helps their partner brands curb the sharpest of product demand fluctuations during campaign launches, significantly reducing sales losses and solidifying supply chain timelines.

AO2's bread and butter is bringing products and brands to the forefront of their category, specifically to the first page of Amazon and Google. The sports electrolyte drink brand, Superieur Electrolytes, struggled to find a competitive marketing and advertising strategy to target its desired audience, specifically in such crowded market. AO2 intervened and supported the brand's growth by highlighting its unique values though cohesive brand imaging, strong SEO practices, highly structured pay-perclick campaigns, and compelling content writing. Within 90 days, monthly sales leaped from $2,500 to $40,000 on Amazon alone, and within the first year of working with AO2, Superieur achieved 1 million dollars in total sales on Amazon. Numerous other case studies and success stories can be found on their website.

Thought its stellar team and next-level systems, AO2 provides a robust, tailor-made strategy that delivers client's ne; a desirable ROI and the results they're looking to archive. Brands looking to carve a spot in the highly-competitive digital space need look no further than AO2 Management. AO2 jumps a head of the curve to employ the creative marketing solutions of tomorrow, today.