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Independent business owners who have begun selling on Amazon know the hassle of migrating their products into Amazon. Rewording product names, rewriting product descriptions, and reformatting listing images take away precious time that could be spent on other tasks. Amazon has created a solution for anyone hesitant to sell on Amazon.

Amazon’s new Explore Brand Selection is a free tool that pre-populates Amazon-specific product listings from an external website or catalog. It consists of two components: new selection opportunities and review listing updates, which bring products from your webstore to Amazon.

New Selection Opportunities

New selection opportunities is the primary function. We’ll explore the major features below.

After listings are generated, you can add missing details, price, and inventory to complete the offer.

Review Listing Updates

The second function, review listing updates, helps you track and review any recommended content updates to the products in your brand catalog. Review listing updates searches for all products registered to your brand, not only those currently listed.

Review listing updates is not optional if you enroll in Explore Brand Selection. As a subset of Explore Brand Selection, it uses AI to enhance product details on existing and new products. In short, it helps optimize keywords in your product listing. Amazon generates these updates frequently and allows you to submit feedback on an update by a given due date. However, the updates will be automatically published if you miss the due date. Check Seller Central every week to ensure you don’t miss anything.


As convenient as Explore Brand Selection is, there are a few drawbacks. Sellers have mixed opinions on the Seller Forums, and it’s up to the brand owner to decide whether the program is right for them.

Ultimately, each brand owner has their own preferences, and if these detractions outweigh the program’s benefits, then Explore Brand Selection may not be a good fit for your brand. More information on the program can be found here, and if you want to enroll, you can do so here.

We at AO2 understand that selling on Amazon can be daunting. If you have questions or want to learn more about Explore Brand Selection, contact our team of Amazon experts eager to help!

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