Leveraging Amazon Live’s Streaming Expansion to Prime Video and Freevee to Extend Brand Reach


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Elizabeth Kissane
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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, fostering a meaningful connection with consumers is more crucial than ever. Enter Amazon Live, an advantageous platform that upgrades the shopping experience by bringing brands and customers together through live streaming. In this blog post, we'll examine Amazon Live's potential and how it can propel your brand to new heights in the world of e-commerce.

In a recent update, Amazon announced that it would be expanding the exposure of Amazon Live videos to a new FAST Channel on Prime Video and Freevee. This will allow customers in the United States to shop alongside their favorite creators, brands, and celebrities like Lala Kent, Kandi Burruss, and Paige DeSorbo from even more devices. 

This interactive, shoppable, and ad-supported channel integrates Amazon's "Shop the Show" technology, enabling viewers to seamlessly browse, shop, and engage with content on their TV screens using their mobile devices. With over 1 billion viewers in the U.S. and India in 2023, this launch expands shopping opportunities for customers, who can easily add items to their shopping cart and complete purchases without leaving the stream, enhancing the viewing and shopping experience.

The changes to the Amazon Live experience represent a paradigm shift in online shopping. Amazon Live offers brands a dynamic platform to engage with customers in real-time through interactive live streams. Whether showcasing new products, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, or hosting Q&A sessions, the platform enables brands to forge deeper connections with their audience and drive sales like never before.

To better understand how you can leverage this instrumental tool, let’s take a look at a breakdown of the platform’s key features and benefits:

  1. Interactive Shopping Experience: With Amazon Live, brands can create immersive shopping experiences that captivate audiences and drive engagement. Through live demonstrations, product showcases, and interactive polls, brands can captivate viewers' attention and guide them through the purchasing journey live.
  2. Engagement: One of Amazon Live's standout features is its ability to foster real-time engagement between brands and customers. Viewers can ask questions, leave comments, and interact with hosts, creating a sense of community and fostering trust in the brand.
  1. Discoverability: By broadcasting live on Amazon Live, brands gain access to a vast audience of shoppers actively browsing the platform. This increased visibility can lead to greater brand exposure, driving traffic to product listings and boosting sales.
  2. Data-Driven Insights: Amazon Live provides brands with valuable data and insights into viewer behavior, allowing them to understand their audience better and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. From viewer demographics to engagement metrics, this data enables brands to make informed decisions and optimize their live streams for maximum impact.
  3. Seamless Integration with Amazon: As part of the Amazon ecosystem, Amazon Live seamlessly integrates with other key features and services, such as Sponsored Products and Amazon storefronts. This integration streamlines customers' shopping experience and enhances brand visibility across the platform.

Now that you understand the benefits, how do you get started?

Getting started with Amazon Live is easy. Brands can download the Amazon Live Creator app to create their own Amazon livestream for free or collaborate on an Amazon-produced livestream for a fee.

 Although pricing varies, Amazon-produced content starts at $50,000 US. If you are interested in this type of content from Amazon, reach out to us and we will connect you!

Otherwise, if you choose the self-produced option, you can kick things off with 4 easy steps:

  1. Download the Amazon Live Creator iOS app
  2. Sign in with your Seller Central or advertising console credentials
  3. Follow the in-app instructions to select products to feature, choose a title, and set a start time. Review the Community Policy
  4. Capture your Live video either directly through Amazon Live Creator or by using an external camera and streaming it to Amazon

Optional: connect with influencers to join your live stream or feature your products on their own.

Amazon Live represents a cutting-edge opportunity for brands to connect with customers meaningfully and drive sales in the competitive world of e-commerce. By harnessing the power of live streaming, brands can engage audiences in real-time, showcase their products, and build lasting relationships with customers. With Amazon Live, the future of e-commerce is live, interactive, and full of possibilities.