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NJOY | AO2 Case Study
Jessica Wright
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NJOY’s Amazon Sales Grow 62% with AO2 Management powered by Seller Labs

NJOY has transformed its customers into modern-day cobblers by selling its innovative Shoe and Boot Glue on Amazon. A family business that has been around for over 60 years and has made the jump to eCommerce, NJOY found itself with an expanding Amazon business last year. With limited experience and tools to grow, Seller Labs, now AO2 Management powered by Seller Labs, was their solution. Within a year, NJOY has seen a 62% growth in total sales with a 23% ACoS.

Efficiency and Scalability 

NJOY’s request at the start of our partnership was to increase sales while keeping ACoS at or below 25%. Within the first 3 months, we saw a 44.37% increase in total sales and a 65% increase in units ordered compared to the year before at a 25% ACoS. Within 6 months, we saw a 63.99% increase in total sales and a 93% increase in units ordered at a 24% ACoS.

“Our AO2 Account Manager, Megan, completely blew our expectations out of the water. We hired them in December 2022, and just a month and a half later, January 2023 had become one of our best months ever,” Senior Account Manager Joshua Hnilica said.”Up until that year, we had a predictable sales slump from Feb through June. That slump all but disappeared thanks to Megan and AO2” 2023 was by FAR our best year yet. Our sales increased so much and so quickly we struggled to meet demand!”

With only 2 products, our focus was on efficiency. The campaign types available were small, but we utilized all avenues possible. With a strict ACoS goal, we double-downed on targets that were the most profitable, enabled placement modifiers, and strategically increased budgets and bids to scale sales and maintain efficiency.

Exceeding NJOY’s Goals and Expanding On & Off Amazon

NJOY’s goals were exceeded which has led to expansion in our partnership. Our first project was the launch of their Amazon Storefront in October 2023. Since then, the store has received nearly $10K in sales and with a Storefront, Sponsored Brand capabilities have expanded, bringing a 156.54% growth in ad sales for that ad type alone.

NJOY’s Amazon Storefront

We are also now managing NJOY’s Meta and Google advertising as well as social media management, blog and email marketing, and their website revamp. NJOY sees the value in our partnership and is exhausting all efforts we offer to increase overall brand growth.

NJOY’s website before AO2 (left) and today

“AO2 is a partnership in which we are able to place great trust,” Hnilica said. Every single person with whom we have worked has been as passionate as they are competent. Each and every one has been a delight to collaborate with. Our team at AO2 makes me feel like my opinion is valid and valued, even when it is in an area in which I have little to no confidence. I firmly believe that hiring AO2 Marketing to run our advertising and social media has been the best decision of my entire career.”

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