Nothing But Net: Double Down on ASIN Targeting


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Leading up to Q4, top-tier performance advertising campaigns are absolutely crucial. With an overhaul of sellers working tirelessly to strengthen aggressive strategies, you cannot afford to miss the bullseye.
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Each Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) placed on the product page of your competitor serves as a distraction for browsing customers and allows you to seize the market share for increased sales.

Strategize To Hit The Bullseye

Before doubling down on ASIN targeting consider the following:

  • What are the leading brands in your niche market?
  • What lists are generated for competing and complementary ASINS?

Our expertise guidance?

Set up an ASIN targeting ad group. Focus on promoting a lower priced product than your competitors' and the equivalent number or more reviews. If your product is similar to your competitor's and priced lower - you've got prime bait. Consumers become distracted by the lower price of your product and go for the click.

Map Out & Aim The Target

Understand the market of your targeted product ASIN. With higher cost-per-click (CPC) in a saturated market, the ASIN targeting can be undermined. In contrast, a niche market or category opens greater opportunities for improved performance.

The CPC and conversions are most effective for existing targeting tactics. Similar to targeting keywords, ASIN targeting focuses precisely on your direct competitor's product and expands your strategic prospects.

Get Ready, Get Set, Launch!

Before the holidays hit focus on the opportunities for profit by finding the lowest ACoS to magnify your targeted ASIN. Pinpointing the ASINS with highest conversion rate, and highest performance align your products for targeting success.

How have you strategized to hit the target?