Your Comprehensive Amazon 2022 Holiday Calendar


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Each Q4 holiday you have the opportunity to skyrocket brand visibility on Amazon and maximize on the increased traffic. Learn which days to center focus in order to drive your revenue even higher in 2022.
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Gain peace of mind as you enter this Q4 with the needed preparations for your success.

So get ready, get set, and mark your calendars to take action on the following;

Key Dates:

October 1 - 7:  Golden Week (China). Expect delays in supply chains, plan ahead!

November 1: Ensure your listings are set up properly. Chat with your account manager to make certain that your ads and campaigns are established.  

November 14: Last minute listing deadline. Check back and review with your account manager about any last-minute set up for ads, campaigns and listings.

November 15: Inventory deadline to send shipments to the Fulfillment Centers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

November 24: Thanksgiving Day. Keep in mind promotions can start this day as well with traffic spikes.

November 25: Black Friday. Sales begin! Keep tabs with your account manager on the latest trends.

November 28: Cyber Monday. Last day to adjust and implement coupons, chat with your team for review.

December 18: First Day of Hanukkah. Start off the holiday strong!

December 2: Deadline to provide inventory to Fulfillment Centers for Christmas.

December 5: Green Monday. Stay on track with one of the industry's busiest retail shopping days in December!

December 22: Holiday Shipping Cutoff. Send off your next shipments!

December 25: Christmas Day. Enjoy the last-minute customer purchases.

December 26: Last Day of Hanukkah & Boxing Day (CA) Ensure your plans are still running and ready.

Remember, the opportunities for holiday sales don’t finish in Q4.

Buyer interaction creates a ripple effect as shoppers use gift cards from holiday gifts, retrieve items for themselves they didn’t receive in the holidays, and continue to make belated purchases.

What dates and action steps will you mark on your calendars?