AO2 is a versatile and complementary team that shares a common goal: to grow your brand in a revitalizing and refreshing way. Our goal is to recalibrate e-commerce and our ecosystem; the Amazon Rainforest. AO2 is a committed partner to One Tree Planted, working closely together for sustainability in our business model.

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About the project

Each time a client signs, we plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest. We believe in giving back in both formats both figuratively and quite literally - the Amazon rainforest produces our oxygen provides life to the Earth. Our future depends on the care we deliver today.


This tree planting project will help protect the Amazon’s biodiverse primary forests and restore degraded land. Our partners will work with local farmers to establish sustainable agroforestry using, shade-grown cocoa, native tree species and productive timber species.They will also provide training and technical assistance for participants in the sustainable agroforestry model.

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Together with One Tree Planted foundation, it collectively has reached:

- 266+ planting partners
- 47+ countries
- 40,000, 000 trees planted

Forests around the world contain 662 billion tonnes of carbon, which represents more than 1/2 of the global carbon stock held in soils and vegetation. With your support, we aid in environmental conservation and restoration across the globe.

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