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We more than doubled their revenue and brought their ACoS down from 71% to 17% and landed them 700+ keywords on the first page. $42k/mo to $104k/mo in 12 months

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About the project

Laclede wanted to create a reliable channel for growth that would allow them to focus their attention on other areas of the business such as product expansion and innovation. In addition, a core issue was dozens of reseller listings that were not being managed properly and the brand was not being represented accurately.


Our Process


We threw everything in our arsenal for them. From operations case management with brand registry, to listing optimization ranging from graphic design and copywriting to improve the visual appeal of their brand and increase conversion. We were able to consolidate their brand and bring their vision to life.


Solution & Results

AO2 Management helped Laclede take control of Amazon and turn it into a high 7 figure channel.


• Increased sales by 157%

• Amazon’s Choice Award

• Increased total first page keywords by 90%

29k in impression to over 3.5 Million in just 7 months.

We reached the clients’ goal by enabling them to focus on their brand and becoming more innovative by taking care of the Amazon management. We cleared the headache of open cases and completely revamped the advertising strategy. Now, it’s just peace of mind.

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