Superieur Electrolytes

Superior Electrolytes - My wife grew up surrounded by Lake Superior. We love the Big Lake, hence the name Superieur Electrolytes.

Nutrition categories can be notoriously difficult to break into with a large market. We conveyed product differentiation and increased sales $2,500 to $40,000 monthly in 90 days.

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A+ Content

About the project

Superior Electrolytes lacked the market and advertising strategy to target the right audience in a highly competitive field. AO2 Management supported the brand growth by breaking into an extremely crowded category with emphasizing the core features of the product.

Our Process:

We took the opportunity to showcase this through SEO, detailed images, and the A+Content. We emphasized that the grassroots values are intended to deliver customers an electrolyte drink with the best taste, ingredients, and price.

We focused on the multi-use of the product and expanding it beyond the standard norms. Doubling down on this feature we integrated our advertising and marketing strategy into the nutrition offering as overall wellness and lifestyle to target the right, more niche audience.

Solution & Outcome:

•  Increased Conversion rate

•  Increased impressions from 92k to 850k

•  Lowered ACOS from 64% to 15%

•  15+ keywords in top 3

•  700+ keywords on the first page

Within 3 months, we saw massive success, and we are now generating almost $100k/month in sales. We have rankings all over the first page and in the top 2 rows of Amazon.

Their results are truly superior.

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