Spring Sunrise

Spring Sunrise - Give our ghee a try and taste the difference! Our butter comes from cows with year-round access to green grass. This gives our ghee its rich color and flavor. We promise it is Ghee-licious!

This brand became the go-to ghee brand. Sales increased over 20x in 3 months and over 400 keywords on the first page of search results.

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About the project

Spring Sunrise wanted to become the go-to brand that customers interact with when they are first trying out the product for the first time. The listings were in decent shape from the basic catalog overview but they were missing some of the key ingredients necessary to become a true and recognizable brand on Amazon.

Our Process:

Right away AO2 identified that this Amazon account had enormous storage fees and referral fees. The listings, while decent, needed an expert touch. On the advertising front, there was no keyword bidding strategy to speak of.

In best advocation we spent hours on calls with Amazon making sure that FBA was set up properly and that the clients were not getting overcharged. We implemented a number of aggressive competitor and complementary product targeting advertising campaigns that gave us an accurate picture of what the true potential in the category could be.

Solution & Results:

Within 3 months, we had found the gold mine.Their sales went up by over 20x, our ads were converting at over 17%. We grew their account so much that they were able to use the profits to purchase two of their competitors.

•Cut Amazon fee burden

•30+ keywords from the 2nd page to the top 3!

•Over 400+ keywords are now on the 1st page!!

•Sales 20x

•Acquired 2 other Ghee brands with profits

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